People are waiting for KCR’s last punch

naidu-kcrGHMC Elections has become Prestige Issue for all parties in the Telangana state , since all the parties feels that they have support of Hyderabad people.

Leaders of all the political parties are campaigning vigorously to attract the voters with road shows and meetings in the streets of Hyderabad.

As the countdown has began for the elections, which will be held on 2nd February 2016 , All the parties have intensified their campaigning in all the divisions , reverberating with the loud speakers and using every mode of transport for campaigning.

The prince of TRS party , KTR and TDP prince Nara Lokesh have settled their counter punches against each other . While The final punch would of their fathers Telangana Chief minister K.Chandrashekar Rao and Andhra Pradesh Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu will be participating in the road shows on 28 th and 29 and KCR will addressing the public rally on 30th .

Since KCR would be holding a grand meeting, His would definitely give the last punch to all the allegations and criticism of opposition parties .