Pawanism more than a Religion

What is Pawanism?  Pawanism is a new religion like Hinduism….etc where people follow it and respect it. Pawanism’s orgin is Pawan kalyan who is not only a super star of Tollywood but also a inspiring and driving force for all who love him. Fans say he gives positive energy and helping nature  that turns in vibrating among hearts of his fans. A true example for it….

Pawanfan Prudhvi Raj did something with help of Orkut Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans community, which saved a life on train.
A man is travelling to Benguluru on Tatanagar Yeshvantpur Express with his family. Suddenly, his 15 months old daughter fell sick and is suffering severe dehydration due to loose motions.
There is more than 7 hours of journey and the man is reportedly worried as there is no medication at hand.

And on the other hand, a guy called Prudhvi Raj got to know about this through one common friend.
Prudhvi Raj who is a Pawan Kalyan fan logged in to Orkut Power Star community requesting his fellow fans who are in Rajahmundry to help the young girl.
A fan called Bobby responded immediately and rushed to the Railway station with 6 ORS packets. He waited for more than an hour and handed over the packets to the worried parents.

Interestingly, the people involved in the entire episode do not know each other and are also not related to each other.
But some how, the purpose is served and the girl is saved. With all due respects to the humanity in the people, it is the inspiration these people derive from their favorite hero, Pawan Kalyan.
It is great to see fans not getting confined to hero worship and fan wars and doing charity work in their limits