Pawan,Charan cold war

Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan both belong to Mega family but nowadays their relations seems to be on pause mode.

It all started with Racha  audio function, Cherry personally went to Gabbar Singh sets and invited Pawan Kalyan for the audio function, Pawan for personal reason didnot attend the function and Cherry has to face embarrassing situation on stage giving reason to Pawan fans who held a mess in the function Later, Charan avoided Gabbar Singh audio function to show his protest to his Babai  .

Cherry who is always active on twitter had time to wish Jr.NTR for his release Dammu but didn’t feel to tweet about Gabbar Singh pretending to be busy in shoot.  May be he felt guilty as Dammu couldn’t struck the bull’s eye. Lets see how long this cold war continues….