Pawan Kalyan victim of solluandhra

Pawan Kalyan victim of solluandhra
We heard  that Kadapa MP Jagan victim of yellow journalism which criticized Jagan to the core for his deeds and now here it comes a so-called  media  solluandhra which keeps on shelling mud on everyone to survive in  top position . Knowing that  Pawan Kalyan  who always stays silent on all controversies this website started splitting its venom on him.

Recently, This site published an article regarding  Pawan kalyan’s age stated that he is of the age between 45 to 50 years . Fact is  Chiranjeevi was born in 1955 and Nagababu was born in 1961 and Pawan Kalyan in 1971. The age gap between Nagababu and Pawan kalyan is 10 years but this website  suspect that gap between Nagababu and Pawan kalyan is less than 4 years. In short, it feels Pawan kalyan was born in 1960- 1965 years.

If we look at the above photo . As per the info received by us  this picture was taken in 1973, Chiranjeevi was 17+, Nagababu was 12+ and Pawan kalyan was 2 years . Especially, Any one who claims to have some common sense or little bit of thinking power can easily find the age  difference between Nagababu and Pawan kalyan in the above picture.

The below picture in which Pawan Kalyan ,Nagababu and  Lyrict Chandrabose was snapped in 1995 when Chandrabose introduced to tollywood in 1995 with his first song “Manchu Kondalloni Chandramaa” from Taj Mahal movie and Pawan’s age was 24+ years .