Pawan turns Corporate culture to Mass culture

Now a days corporate culture of multi national companies  with very decent and professional behaviour is seen in everywhere. But when it comes to Pawan Kalayan’s movie  the scene looks completely different .

Gabbar Singh the most talked  movie of all time  is setting new trend among people . When any movie of big stars arrives People used to  ask  Did u watch the movie ? or How was the movie ? ,  But for Gabbar  Singh  a new trend is observed,  People are asking How many times you have  watched?

The craze of the movie has reached to extreme level and turned into madness .  Even working guys are taking permissions or leave to watch the movie, To some extent thats fine.  But many companies have come forward to sponsor and encouring there employess to watch the movie  that too in working hours has come up as a  big suprise to those employees.

As per Reports , All the multiplexes in major cities like Banglore, Hyderabad , Vishakapatam  received bulk bookings  from companies for the last 3 days  till next weekend such bulk booking are in list.  Today (wednesday) HSBC has booked a screen for its employees in Imax for 10:45 PM show , IMAX theatre  blasted with visels, screems and dances thus making corporate culture to look like mass culture.

Gabbar Singh is truly a relief and refreshment to everyone who suffer for stress and depression .