Pawan sent back Dil Raju’s bouquet

It’s a big news now a days how Gabbar Singh is creating waves at box-office and it’s on way to re-write BO history of Tollywood. Usually this is the time every hero generally try to project himself as a demigod of entire crew who worked for that movie. But, for Pawan it seems like just another movie of his released in to the market and he is happy to know that his fans are enjoying it. Powerstar usually don’t encourage the producers and directors who always chase the success and try to make movies with him just to encash his previous success.

Recently Dil Raju has sent a bouquet to Pawan and it was delivered at his home when he was not there. It’s heard that, on his return to home Pawan has sent back the same bouquet to Dil Raju. He also sent a note saying, Please respect every movie and crew who worked for it regardless of its fate. Also mentioned, I can’t take Gababr Singh success alone and it’s a success of entire team who worked for it.