Pawan – NTR funny satires at NTR28 movie launch

Pawan Kalyan At NTR - Trivikram Movie Launch Photos (1)The pooja program of NTR- Trivikram’s upcoming film was held in Hyderabad on Monday. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan was the chief guest of the event.

After the Pooja program, Pawan hit the first clap on NTR. But during the clap hitting process Pawan said , ‘I’m afraid, My hands are hands. What should i say while clapping? “. Everyone out there including Tarak laughed at once.

After that, when director Trivikram said that Tarak will pray to God and switched on the camera .’Pawan satirized saying ” Should in Hide “. On the other hand Tarak satirized, “Which direction should I face for praying God

After Clapping, the clapboard should be kept aside but Pawan had no idea as what to do, He immediately ducked himself to avoid the camera .When Tarak turned and looked back, He could not stop his laugh seeing Pawan sitting down. Even at the Photosession, some funny things happened between Pawan and Tarak.