Pawan Kalyan’s sent his farm mangoes

Power Star Pawan Kalayan who is a trend setter ,who never follows any one , But now he is following Super star Rajanikanth in humanity and to be a Demi God in  every ones hearts.

Rajani who always respect all the technicians, remembers every one, used to send gifts to all. Eventually Pawan Kalyan is doing the same here, He already hosted lunch for all Antakshari team  of Gabbarsingh. Now Pawan Kalyan sent his farm mangoes to each and every one worked for GabbarSingh, Director Harish Shankar one of the lucky guy who received this precious summer gift from Pawan Kalyan.  Whole team of Gabbar singh are going to receive the mangoes soon including spot boy who worked for the movie. This is really a very rare occation where a super star like Pawan remembers to every one and share his happiness with them in a most simple way. These are qualities of Rajani and off course qualities to become a Demi God like Rajani.