Pawan Kalyan’s strong counter RGV Tweets

rgv-pawan-78784Actor Pawan Kalyan gave a strong counter to director Ram Gopal Varma’s for his series of controversial tweets , damaging the prospects of Pawan Kalyan’s latest release Sardaar Gabbar Singh and damaging his image.

RGV latestes tweets Meet the small little kid who killed the mega power SARDAR GABBAR SINGH and also RAJA SARDAR GABBAR SiNGH and If foreign dubbed film is houseful all over and PK’s is not its the loyal responsibility of PK fans to wake up Power Star from his sleep (sic) , has caught the attention of the actor.

Till now Pawan Kalyan used to like RGV comments as he feels that RGV makes comments out of frustration. But now Pawan Kalyan reporly gave a counter stating that, Critics have their own job and Filmmaker’s job is different. He still believes that RGV is a filmmaker but if RGV is not in a mood then he too have more comments lying down in his mind which can strip RGV .

Reacting on this, RGV tweeted , Since everyone’s misunderstanding my good intentions I decided never ever in my life to tweet anything about Pawan Kalyan..Bye Bye PK fans.