Pawan Kalyan’s silence raising eyebrows on Kapu issue

pawan-2019- electionsJanasena president Pawan Kalyan becomes a easy target for a section of media and parties for their own agenda to corner the Andhra Pradesh governmnet over Kapu reservations issue , followed by Kapu leader Mudragada ‘fast unto death’ strike.

Congress leader V. Hanumantha Rao said, Pawan Kalyan should respond on Kapu arrests . While CPI national secretary K Narayana slammed actor over his silence in the Kapu Reservation .

Taking this as advantage , the oppostion party YSRCP and its media has stated pointing out Pawan Kalyan’s silence for its own mileage and sympathy among Kapu community people. It started airing its own stories stating that the situation in Andhra Pradesh is deteriorating , Political leaders and people are wondering about the deafening silence of Pawan Kalyan on the issue. It also questioned, Pawan Kalyan is not busy with his shoot so why can’t Pawan react on this issue? and said, Pawan silence raising eyebrows.

However the AP government is very clear in resolving this issue as it has constituted a committee and also set up Kapu cooperation with fund of 1000 cr to uplift the community. When govt is clear with its actions, What else Pawan should question the government ? ,  Ask the govt to withdraw all the cases against perpetrators involved in Tuni violence?