Pawan Kalyan’s remuneration for Sadaar Gabbar Singh

pawan-sadaarAccording to a source, Pawan Kalyan is not taking any remuneration for his upcoming film ” Sadaar Gabbar Singh” , which is produced by his friend Sharath Marar, rather he is taking profits of the film.

The movie budget is reportedly fixed as 20 crore without Pawan’s remuneration and its theatrical rights are already sold at 72 crore to EROS. The satellite rights and other dubbing & audio/video rights may take the business of the film to 86 crore.Of the Table profit of 66 crore , Pawan share would be at least 33 crore while Sharath gets the remaining .

Meanwhile , the first look of “Sardaar Gabbar singh” got overwhelming response from his fans , On the eve of Independence Day at the stroke of midnight the movie tag was trending on the top.