Pawan Kalyan’s press meet in two days

pawanJanasena president Pawan Kalyan is all set to voice out his views on cash for vote and phone tapping in next two days . He has expressed his deep concern for the future generations of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

He said, If the parents wake by scolding at each other, then their children will wake by beating each other. In same manner, If the rulers behave in irresponsible way and the governments are run by words, Civil War might occur between people of next generations.

Pawan Kalyan tweeted, ‘తల్లి తండ్రులు తిట్టుకుంటు లేస్తే పిల్లలు కొట్టుకుంటు లేస్తారని అంటారు’ అలాగే పాలకులు బాధ్యత లేని ప్రవర్తనతో,మాటలుతో ప్రభుత్వాలని నడిపితే ‘భావితరాల మధ్య తిరిగి కోలుకోలేనంత అంతర్యుద్ధాలు సంభవిస్తాయి’.

I will express my views on Cash-for- Vote case, Phone- tapping and on Section 8 in the next two days.If it is needed I might call for a press meet by the end of this week or in the beginning of next week.

Elders say,’Everything depends on the wisdom of the Ruler’ and let’s see how our leaders wisdom take us forward in the near future.