Pawan Kalyan’s power made me MP : TDP MP Siva Prasad

tdp-mp-siva-prasadTDP MP, Siva Prasad was also a special invitee for comedian turned Hero Saptagiri’s upcoming film “Saptagiri Express” audio event.

Speaking during this occasion he has praised the producer for bringing a special image to all the comedians in the industry.

Speaking about Pawan Kalyan He said,” I am the biggest fan of Pawan Kalyan , After losing elections in 2004, I was very much free as an opposition leader and at that moment a good friend of mine ,producer Ashwini Dutta called me and took me to the shooting of Pawan Kalyan’s film Balu. They also offered me an MP role in the film which lasts for just a few minutes. But exactly after 5 years, I became MP, that is the power of the power star. I don’t have that much power to speak about the power of Pawan Kalyan”, said TDP MP

Pawan Kalyan was the special guest for comedian turned Hero Saptagiri’s upcoming film “Saptagiri Express”. It was also attended by Sunil and Ali.