Pawan Kalyan’s Padayatra in Vijayawada

pk-padayattraJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan once again has made it very clear that he is against the betrayal done by BJP party to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Pawan Kalyan along with Left parties support, to do a Rasta Roko across Andhra Pradesh on 6th April, the last day of Parliament against BJP lead central govt for not fulfilling.

The CPI (M), CPI and Jana Sena leaders held a meeting in Vijayawada on the future movement in support of the special status and division guarantees for Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Pawan Kalyan, chief of Janasena said: “On 6th of this month, we decided to take a walk on national highways against the betrayal of committed by the Center so far in the implementation of special status and division guarantees.

Meetings and discussions with intellectuals will be held Anantapur, Vizianagaram, Prakasam district Ongole following Vijaywada padayatra.”