Pawan Kalyan’s JFC is just a time waste : Kathi

rp_kathi-mahesh-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-1-300x250.jpgFilm critic and activist Mahesh Kathi has been at loggerheads with fans of Pawan Kalyan, He had staunchly criticised Pawan Kalyan’s political and film choices and now he made sensational remarks on formation on Joint Facts Finding committee, will objectively analyse AP bifurcation act promises.

Kathi fired on JFC calling it a time pass and time waste committee. When there is a need for public movement, wasting time on committees is a historic blunder. If Pawan Kalyan doesn’t agitate he will become Andhra Pradesh traitor in the History.

He asked to make it clear whether JFC is irrespective of parties? or Subcommittee of Janasena?, If Pawan Kalyan is not the chairman whom would this committee report?. What will they do if the government denies giving reports and information?.

At this time credibility, sincerity or integrity is not sufficient. Does Pawan Kalyan have the strength to run a people’s movement? , questioned Kathi.