Pawan Kalyan’s dictates ‘Code of Conduct ‘ to Tollywood

Power Star Pawan Kalyan seems to be under Director Dasari’s influence, has decided  to put an end to  unwanted wastage.  This decision was taken keeping producers in view so that production cost will reduce drastically . The main reasons are Lack of complete script, Lack of Production Knowledge,  Hero/heroine’s indiscipline, Rental costs and shooting cancellations, Accommodations in star hotels..etc . To address atleast some of the problems, Pawan instructed Puri Jagannad to adhere to strict code of conduct on the sets for his next movie ‘Cameraman…’, .

According to the sources, “Pawan has instructed Puri that shooting should start at 6 in the morningand end by 5.If at all hero doesn’t turn up to the shooting unconditionally, then Hero should be made responsible for the entire cost incurred on that particular day. He requested all departments to adhere strictly to this new rule on order make a effective budget plan.”

“These rules are not new, Kerala film Industry is already following the above code of conduct.Many producers are appealing to make this a permanent law in cine chamber to offer a great control onbudget.” added the source.Though Pawan Kalyan instructed this new policy for his upcoming movie alone, given the trend of cost cutting in Tollywood, most likely this rule might be absorbed to ensure more cost effective movies.