Pawan Kalyan’s craze at Baahubali audio launch

pawanActor-cum Politician Pawan Kalyan’s craze among public seems to be crossed all the boundaries, His name itself is a energy booster for public. Baahubali audio launch is not an exception, Pawan craze rocked the event when actor Adivi Sesh took the actor’s name.

Adivi Sesh, who played Badrudu role in Baahubali film , Speaking from the dais, Adivi said, This is the biggest event in his career. He also shared his personal thoughts. He started his career with Panjaa, when he took the word Panjaa people out there went crazy and started screaming, shouting and whistling. They kept on drying out their mouths by shouting Pawan’s name and Adivi had to mute his voice for a minute.

When Adivi thanked Pawan Kalyan for giving the role in Panjaa film, again the entire public who came to attend the audio launch re-echoed Pawan’s name. Rajamouli was seen smiling when people started shouting for Pawan .

Although Pawan is nowhere concerned with Baahubali film , nor had a great rapport with Prabhas , but he has become a universal idol for every hero fans . What’s the reason behind the huge craze for Pawan?’ As Nagababu said (earlier) “Pawan Kalyan is not a great actor and also not a great dancer….but a great human being. More than as an actor or a star, People connect with his ideologies. ” This is 100 percent proved at Baahubali audio launch.