Pawan kalyan’s CgR climax shot with mega fans

Puri Jagannath and Pawan Kalyan combination  Cameramen Ganga Tho Ram Babu where Pawan kalyan is seen in a very powerful role is completing its shooting on fast track basis .Puri the director has  said Pawan’s enery in his dialogue delivery was really fantastic, The whole unit of CgR have got goose bumps and clapped when Pawan recited  a powerful lengthy dialogue without a flaw .

Puri also said, For climax shot he has planned in it different way where huge gathering of people will be following Pawan Kalyan and will walk along with him. Instead of jr artists this shot is planned with Pawan fans in swamiji’s getup. This idea was informed to  Pawan kalyan and he  has appriciated it . So this would be the happy news for all the Pawan Kalyan fans  as they can participate in CgR shooting and meet their favourite  star and also see themselves on big screen. More detail about this shot will be revealed soon.