Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday gift to Chiranjeevi

How Power star Pawan Kalyan is going to look in ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ is still an exciting news for every one fans. This movies first look will give them enough idea  but,  when will the first look is going to be released? Is the question. Here is the answer which makes mega fans happy. August 22nd as all knew is Mega star Chiranjeevi’s birthday and Pawan’s CgR first look will be released on that day. The CgR unit is planning not to miss the occasion as its Pawan’s order.

After GabbarSingh super success, this movie is generating huge expectation among audience, at the same time with recent incidents, there are rumors that, terms between Pawan – Chiru are not good. In order to give a end to all these rumors, Pawan’s CgR first look will be released on 22nd August as birthday gift to chiranjeevi from Pawan Kalyan.