Pawan Kalyan’s anguish over BJP stand on special status

pawanJanasena president – Actor , Pawan Kalyan expressed his views on Special Status after Union Minister HD Choudary categorically stated that No special status can be accorded to Andhra Pradesh state due to 14th finance commission recommendations.

Pawan Kalyan took Twitter as platform to express his anguish on Center’s stand of Special status.

He stated, Two years back Seemandhra MPs were kicked out of the parliament and the united state of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated – This was Congress party’s biggest mistake.Nobody forgets such opprobrium of ex-govt especially the Seemandhra people.

He added, Today, BJP is losing its faith among Seemandhra people by taking a backstep on Special status promise . He strongly wish BJP not to take such a drastic step .

He advised ruling party (TDP) MPs to take help of oppostion parties MPs and fight for Special status in parliament before people start protesting  on streets .

Earlier in an interview He said, He haven’t forget the Special Status. If the time arrives, He is ready to fight against anyone including the BJP Leadership. But He could only wish such a situation doesn’t arise’.

Seems like the situation has arised for Pawan Klayan to fight against BJP for special status.