Pawan Kalyan warns well-wishers of Janasena

rp_janasena-300x169-2-300x169-300x169-300x169.jpgJanasena party supremo Pawan Kalyan has warned the well-wishers of the party, especially of Krishna district.

Pawan Kalyan through a statement said that some people have been trying to create confusion among party lines as they are the representatives of the Jana Sena Party.

He got a complaint that a person, especially from Krishna district, is claiming himself as party campaigner, and spokesperson. The person is also engaged in collecting donations.

The party has not appointed anyone to take part in discussions on behalf of the party. Janasena has no connection with the comments of the person. Inform the details of those who are asking donations on Janasena belief, requested Pawan.

Pawan also told to be beware of such persons and urged people and well wishers not to donate to them.