Pawan Kalyan under Sharat Marar influence ?

Pawan Kalyan-Sharat MararSharath Marar, one of Pawan Kalyan’s best friends, not just friend he is also the producer for Pawan Kalyan’s films and upcoming projects.

Sources say, Pawan Kalyan is under Sharart influence these days, Pawan has a generous personality while sharat is a genuine Businessman. Shart was the producer for Pawan last film “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” , which bombed at Boxoffice.

Pawan has promised the distributors to rescue them with his next project to be produced buy Sharat only. But Sharat has repodely took a “U ” turn over the promise made by the star and stared making business agreements with others . He also has started negleting those distributors , who lost crores for SGS project.

Politically, Pawan is reportedly directed by Sharat and that’s the reason Pawan rarely making some statemnets , instead of making active politics remarks.