Pawan Kalyan turns villain for TDP

pawan5Pawan Kalyan has turned into a villain for his outburst on TDP MPs in his recent press conference , projecting TDP MPs as spineless and for his anti-seemandhra comments like section 8 and other remarks.

The people who have praised the actor to the sky before elections and won the elections with his support are now sharpening swords against the actor, who gave them a new political life.

Pawan Kalyan,  who had a clean image in public is now been mudslinging by TDP MPs . Kesineni Nani of Vijayawada has alleged that Pawan had praised Telangana CM K.Chandrashekar Rao to save his properties in Hyderabad and said Pawan leaves his hibernation once in 6 months and goes back to sleep.

Although, Pawan Kalayan was not full time politician, he came forward to support TDP to give a standup government to the people of Andhra Pradesh, who become victims of bifurcation without capital city.  He said  The Government should focus on issues such as construction of the new capital. But, even after one year the TDP MPs could not bring the special status to the state.

Covering up their own faults , TDP MPs held press meets to shout at the person whose charisma gave them a fresh oxygen . The community that Pawan belongs gave full support to TDP just because of Pawan . Now the same actor has turned into villain for highlighting the faults of TDP MPs.  TDP leaders should go for self retrospective before mudslinging Pawan.