Pawan Kalyan turns mature politician

pawan1Jana Sena party founder- Actor Pawan kalayan is slowly transforming himself from actor into a full time politician. The actor -cum-politician is showing his maturity as a politician by targeting on political parties on issues including the parties like TDP and BJP , which he has supported in last elections.

Pawan Kalyan seems to have lost interest in acting career as he prefers to stay without makeup for last 2 years. Pawan Kalyan on several occasions expressed his thoughts on his filmy career. He never wanted to be a star but always wanted to be a common man. In recent times, Pawan Kalyan has taken politics very seriously and decide to stand with the people and fight for them . He seems to be not in a mood to spare anyone who have done injustice to the people of Telugu states . He slammed at TDP MPs , TRS and now Congress .

He tweeted I love Congress! I adore Congress! for their Zeal, for their Fervour, for their Passion to take on BJP Govt….merely for ‘ONE LALIT MODI’Issue than to fight for their Promise to deliver SPECIAL STATUS to ‘FiFTY MILLION SEEMANDHRAS.’ Hail Congress!