Pawan Kalyan triple attack on BJP, TDP and YSRCP

pkJana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan started his 45-day ‘porata yatra’ from Ichchapuram today, he addressed a public meeting held at Junior College Ground in Ichchapuram.

Pawan Kalyan said I do not know whether I will win, but I will not cheat people.I have supported TDP for special status and Believed that whatever told in parliament would be followed. However, even after four years, special status has not been granted.

In  Ichchapuram there is drainage issue and also kidney problem in the Uddanam. When I took the doctors from Harvard, the government got a little movement. Pensions to Janasainik’s family members were stopped after they are struggling to solve people’s problems. We are not the people who are going to be frightened with cases of the government. We are not those who stand with folded hands, we raise like Tsunami to fight for justice.BJP, TDP and YSRCP are criticizing us because we stand for the people we are the army of the people.

“In 2019 a new government come, Let’s work hard, Let’s try to strengthen the party. The power is not limited to a group or a few family members. We will distribute Development fruits to everyone. The Telugu Desam Party tried to create differences between fishermen children and tribes children. The Telugu Desam policy is to divide the castes. It is our policy to unite all castes. The Jana Party was the first to question BJP on special status for the state. Who did felicitations when the special package was announced?

“If I had five MLAs, Uddanam kidney problem would be solved much before, How is it right the opposition leader does not want to enter House unless he becomes the chief minister? The Opposition has failed to address public issues. I ask people to forgive me for not competing in the 2014 elections. Don’t know why Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is afraid of BJP ?. Why he is so scared ?. The people of Andhra Pradesh lost faith in Modi’s words. We will contest 175 seats in the 2019 elections.