Pawan Kalyan touches feet of Dr Chandra Shekhar

pawan-doctorJana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan touched the feet of renowned Dr Chandra Shekhar, who had earlier offered his medical services in Canada.

Pawan Kalyan has visited one of the eye hospitals , Kiran Kanti hospital in Kakinada and met Dr Chandra Shekhar, who lost his wife and son in an accident.

The power star who always exhibits furiousness, showed a humanity gesture to touch the feet of Dr Chandra Sekhar. Pawan had met the doctor and had breakfast with him, after coming to know about doctor’s life , Pawan touched Doctor’s feet giving surprise of all.

Pawan had all praises for the doctor , who started Kiran Kanti hospitals in both the godavari districts and is serving the poor people, leaving all comforts in Canada.