Pawan Kalyan to stirrup Andhra politics with Kakinada meeting

rp_pawan-kalyan-300x224-1-300x224.jpgJanasena president Pawan Kalyan stirred up Andhra politics with public meeting in Tirupati ,which shall be followed by another public meeting in JNTUK Indoor Stadium Kakinada on september 9.

Pawan Kalyan has become active after a gap of two years,holding a series of pubic meetings on special category status to AP. Pawan gave a surprise in Tirupati meeting by announcing that he would hold another public meeting in Kakinada and criticized the ruling TDP & BJP over special stats. Surprisingly, the administration expressed no objections to the Pawan’s decision, and gave him permission to hold the event.

Pawan Kalyan is also holding a series of meetings with his close associates, intellectuals and supporters and expected to focus on the issue of special category status for Andhra Pradesh and also announce his future course of action. Apart , poking the present politicians.

Till now, Pawan Kalyan has of late been criticized for his silence on the issue of special category status. But now he is taking a lead on this issue.