Pawan Kalyan to attack with new book ‘Nenu Manam Janam’

nenu-manam-janamAfter ISM, the book co-authored by Pawan Kalyan along with his friend Raja Raviteja, Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan is coming up with one more book to educate people on politics .

Pawan Kalyan is busy in writing a book titled “Nenu Manam Janam ” with tagline “Marpu Kosam Yuddam “, which would highlight the present politics at the same time gives the actor’s vision on present politics.

Pawan Kalyan, who recently declared war to fight for the special status to Andhra Pradesh , by criticizing the special package given by the center, comparing with stale laddus, has now intensified his attack for not fulfilling the promise made to the people of AP with this book.

Earlier, Pawan Kalyan has stated his ideology through “ISM ” book , which focused on social wellbeing and social justice and also entrenched with philosophical values in it.

With “Nenu Manam Janam” book, Pawan is likely to induct the ‘fighting spirit’ among the people for their rights at the same time bringing awareness on their responsibilities.