Pawan Kalyan targets RBI Governor on Demonetisation

rp_pawan-anatapur-300x192-1-300x192.pngJanasena Supremo chief Pawan Kalyan shared his views on ‘Demonetisation’ targeting RBI Governor Urjit Patel .

He tweeted..”The man who opened up the Pandora’s Box called Demonetisation Mr.Urjit Patel,

This is Late Sri.Balaraju(Balaraju Pic posted) one of the many countless victims who had lost their lives because of your well thought “Demonetisation”.

Mr.Urjit Patel, in a country like ours where ‘Manual scavenging’ is still in existence even after 69 years of independent India, Governments could do nothing to alleviate ‘Manual Scavengers’ suffering and to bring their human dignity back. And a country like this you want us to believe that ‘CASHLESS ECONOMY’ will work???

Mr.Urjit Patel, your Well thought ‘Demonetisation’ has disrupted the lives of crores of your fellow Indians who are; adivasis, farmers, daily wage labourers, housewives, employees, senior citizens, vegetable & fruit vendors, construction workers, contract labourers, small businessmen, and the list goes on & on.

While ‘INNOCENT & HELPLESS’ are DYING standing in the lines stretching to KMs..the ‘Scroundrels of First Order’ are exchanging the plundered wealth of this Nation-Sitting In The Comfort Of Their Homes..

Mr.Urjit Patel, you must be ‘Jumping With Joy’ getting most of the 86% cash deposited in your banks. And now you may proudly claim that ‘Black Money’ has been wiped out. But the Truth is ‘You have replaced the old wasy with new ways-And the new kids on the block who have joined the existing group of plunderers is a percentage of the banking staff.

And you know why this has happened? I will quote from the book of Mr.Nassim Nicholas Taleb, “When the gap between what you know and what you think you know becomes dangerously wide..’Disasters’ of this ‘Magnitude’ will be created.

At the cost of countless lives lost and helpless and your bosses. Kindly, sleep tight!! Jai Hind!!”