Pawan Kalyan targets media for repeat telecast of abusive rants

rp_pk-477-300x200-1-300x200.jpgJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan raise serious accusations on section of media over Sri Reddy controversy ,  targeting the mega family members.

Sri Reddy who was initigated by Ram Gopal Varma has abused Pawan Kalyan and his mother with a cuss word and typical gestures. PK has reacted strongly on this targeting media.

He raised following questions targeting media channels heads

1. Would you (media heads) dare to think of doing the same abuse to Sri CBN and Lokesh?
2. Will you ever even think of telecasting abusive rants on opposition leader like yesterday?
3. Will you ever attempt on Sri Balakrishna?

But only Pawan Kalyan and his aging & frail mother deserves such abusive rants and repeated telecasts , analysis & debates.

So tell me my dear Rich & Powerful media Barons why this special exclusive treatment for me and my old mother?