Pawan Kalyan states he is against Caste and Religion

Film actor and Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan addressed a public meeting at Indira Maidanam in Tirupati .

He said, He has not come in politics for posts nor he is interested in politics or films. He can sit and enjoy in his home But he affections for people, society and for the country.

He said, It’s hurts him a lot if the present governments of political leaders do not do justice for people. In movies every thing can be done in 2 hours , but not in real life .

Taking on the remarks of assigning caste to him He said, People who have attended the meeting are of various castes and religions.  Its unfortunate to assign a caste for him as he is against  religion or caste system, what he knows is only the humanity.

He said, Although he was born was Hindu but his daughter is a Christian. He said, whenever somebody makes a remarks about his caste , he gets irritated, said Pawan.