Pawan Kalyan starts Hunger Strike for Uddanam kidney victims

pkThe deadline given by Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan over Uddanam kidney victims concerns has expired. Pawan has announced that he would sit on hunger strike if there is lack of response from the government.

Jana Sena has made an official announcement and set a deadline of 48 hours for the govt to respond to health care and welfare of kidney patients. After The details issued by CM Chandrababu on Thursday, Janasena set a deadline stating there is nothing happing at the field level.

After all these developments, Pawan Kalyan announced taken a decision to go on hunger strike in Srikakulam on Saturday (26-05-2018). The party chief stopped consuming solid food from Friday evening 5 pm and it will last until 5 pm on Saturday evening. On Saturday morning at 9 am, Pawan will sit at NTR Municipal stadium in Srikakulam till 6 pm. Permission granted for the Hunger strike.