Pawan Kalyan slams at TDP MPs in Kakinada

pawan-kakinada-2Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan slammed at TDP MPs in the public meeting ‘Seemandhrula Atma Gaurava Sabha’ in Kakinada .

Pawan demanded Amalapuram MP Avanthi Srinivas to take initiative and resign to his MP post , he assured that they would support him in re-election. He made strong criticisms on corporate MPs once again, He asked the center to grant special status looking at poor people of AP and not the rich MPs.

He also mentioned the name of Murali Mohan and said, He is not against the rich but what he wants from them, is to spare some time for concerns of people rather lobbying for their own businesses.

He also slammed at TG Venkatesh for criticizing him after Tirupati meeting. Pawan said, He is not in a position to learn politics from TG. He alleged that, TG venkatesh companies are polluting the environment and said the Rajya Sabha seat in which TG is sitting belongs to one of the Jana Sena leader.

In a roaring voice Pawan said, MPs, Don’t you have Vanity?, He advised them to rub their body with chilli powder to earn some Pride. He advised them to ask the people for forgiveness for making false promises. He said, He doesn’t have any personal differences with them .