Pawan Kalyan slams Anil Kumar Singhal appointment

rp_pawan1-300x212-300x212-1-300x212-1-300x212.jpgJanasena president Pawan Kalyan once again made sensational comments about the North domination, This time he made comments on TTD for appointing a North Indian as EO of TTD. With the posting of 1993 batch IAS officer, Anil Kumar Singhal, the former resident commissioner of AP Bhavan, New Delhi as the EO, Pawan made the following remarks.
Pawan Kalyan taking to Twitter wrote, “I am not against ‘North Indian IAS’ officials taking charge of TTD. But would they allow any South Indian’ to take up the administrative position of such sacred shrine of Northern India like..”Amaranth Varanasi and Mathura etcetera..” So when they don’t allow South Indians head such…why should South Indians accept this. I wonder how TDP and Hon. Chief minister allowed it to happen. They owe an explanation to the people of AP and South.”