Pawan Kalyan should direct Mega Baahubali

pawan1Director Ramgopal Varma still pokes Mega Family and their fans showing  the sensational success of Rajamouli’s Baahubali as Target. He wants to Pawan Kalyan to direct Chiranjeevi’s 150th film to make it bigger than Baahubali .

He tweeted…Only thing which can create high of 150th is if Mega star directs himself..any other director will make us fans feel its lesser than Bahubali.If not Megastar Pawan Kalyan should direct..Pawan Kalyan directing Megastar’s 150th will make it bigger than 2 Bahubalis.

He added..I honestly want to ask honest fans of Mega what can be a bigger film than Pawan Kalyan directing Megastar?.
Ram Charan producing,Pawan kalyan directing and Mega star acting will make 150 into Mega BahuBali and I think Mega family owes this to Mega fans. (sic).