Pawan Kalyan setting all scores

“NAA TIKKA ENTO CHUPISTHAA MEE ANDARI LEKKALU THELUSTHAAAAAA  ”  this was one the dialogues in Gabbar Singh. No one gave much importance before movie released and  no one understood the real intension of the dialogue. But after seeing the collections people realised why Pawan Kalyan  said that dialogue.

Gabbar Singh has set a new lekka with record collection of 42 + crores share for its first week , After 9 days of release the film’s overwhelming response  continued with housefulls all over the state and is heading towards to become an Industry Hit. Mean while  Raviteja Daruvu releasing next week  if  audience does not get diviated then Gabbar Singh will be UNSTOPPABLE.

For last few years families and ladies has not showed much  interest towards Pawan Kalyan’s films, But with Gabbar Singh even that lekka is set and response from ladies and families is fantastic. And Finally Pawan has shown his Tikka to set everyones Lekka.