Pawan Kalyan sent Cherry to Baadshah Launch?

Since sometime, entire film nagar was curious on the development of relationship between two mighty families, who generally stay at opposite poles.It is none other than Mega and Nandamuri camp . After Pawan Kalyan and NTR’s mystery tryst in Ram Charan engagement, lot seems to be happening in the background.Latest we hear is the Pawan’s involvement in Ram Charan attending NTR’s Baadhshah launch.

It is being rumored that NTR approached Baadshah team to invite Pawan Kalyan for the movie launch.Pawan Kalyan was pushed into a dilemma, because it would spur a major controversy after he failed to attend Rachcha audio release, citing controversial US trip.Hence Pawan Kalyan asked Ram Charan to attend the launch on his behalf.From here it is open to media world, Ram charan graced the movie launch and gave a first honorary clap.

However, Mega camp thrashed out this rumor.They say the invitation was given to Ram Charan directly.Pawan Kalyan is busy in the shoot of Gabbar Singh.”Ram Charan was given a invitation from NTR directly.Rivalry is always restricted to professional level, at the personal front, all heroes share a friendly chemistry.” said the mega camp spokesman in his microblogging.