Pawan Kalyan seeks Congress support

rp_Pawan-Kalyan’-894784-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-300x200-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-1-300x200.jpgThe deadline set to ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh and ruling NDA in the centre by Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has expired.

Pawan Kalyan after setting up the Joint Fact-finding Committee (JFC) to analyse the flow of funds from centre to the state, has asked both the government to submit the records Centre’s allocations to AP and the expenses incurred by the State. But none of the governments has responded to it. Lok Satta chief Jayaprakash Narayan and Ex-MP Undavalli Arun Kumar have been engaged to analyze the data.

After the deadline expired, Pawan Kalyan has invited Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) chief, Raghuveera Reddy to join the Joint Fact-finding Committee (JFC), he called upon PCC chief Raghuveera Reddy who said Gidugu Rudraraju and Gautham will represent the party for the meeting.