Pawan Kalyan returns from Bulgaria with wife and kids

pk-airportPower star Pawan Kalyan, who is busy with Trivikram’s film shooting in Bulgaria, has returned to Hyderabad on a small break from Bulgaria schedule.

Pawan was accompanied by his wife Anna Lezhneva, his son Akira and his daughters. While Pawan was busy with his film shooting in Bulgaria, his wife Anna Lezhneva and children have enjoyed the sightseeing. In leisure time Pawan spent with them, taking them to restaurants and shopping.

Pawan usually does not go along with his wife and children for film shoots. But this time there is a reason to bring them to the Bulgaria schedule.

From next year, Pawan will be allotting his full time to politics till the 2019 election results. So he might not have a chance to spend time with his children as Pawan will be engaged in the work of strengthening the Jana Sena Party.

Pawan will soon visit Uddanam village with a medical team coming from Harvard University. subsequently, he will meet the Cheif minister of Andhra Pradesh on 31st of this month.