Pawan Kalyan responds to Naidu tweet

rp_pk-2-300x207-1-300x207-1-300x207.jpgJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan has responded to the tweets of Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu who stated that PK is tweeting to compensate the loss to the BJP.

PK said Will the people of the state have ignored the BJP and can anyone have an alliance with it? Questioned Janasena chief. He said TDP is also equally responsible for diluting the state needs. Chandrababu long experience and governance could not save the state. It is known too everyone as how many times Naidu had changed in his words in four years.

With TDP stands, the people of the state have been projected as stand-less, opportunistic and self-worthless at the national level. Union Minister Rajnath Singh said that they (TDP, BJP) are still friends and how can anyone believe the TDP is doing Dharma Poratam. It is not correct to ignore the fact that Andhra Pradesh is not about 175 crore MLAs and 25 MPs, but AP is about 5 crore people. Janasena Party doesn’t talk about for its needs and now the Telugu Desam leaders who are talking about special status, will not give grantee that they won’t change their attitude again. Remember that people are silently waiting for the new age party.