Pawan Kalyan reaction to Sri Reddy Protest

pk-sri-reddyJanasena chief Pawan Kalyan reaction to the actress Sri Reddy protest has come as a surprise.

Pawan Kalyan who was doing silent protest against the rape of an 8-year girl in Jammu and Kashmir at a necklace in Hyderabad on Saturday has responded to Sri Reddy issue.

Talking to the media He said, “If anyone makes mistakes in the industry, there is no benefit approaching TV channels. He advised to slap cases in courts or approach the police station. This is my reaction in the issue of Sri Reddy” said Pawan.

“There is no benefit protesting against the injustice on the roads, Victims should have to go to the police station and give a complaint. Besides, it is not correct to approach media and staging protests. The media can only give information, but true justice is possible only through the government bodies. Justice is done by law.

I can give my support, but can not take the law into my hands. I am not police or judge to give justice immediately. Media should also act responsibly and do not exaggerate for the TRP ratings. I am against this sensationalism”, said Pawan Kalyan.