Pawan Kalyan predicted TDP’s defeat in Nandyal : Roja

pawan-rojaYSR Congress Party MLA Roja said that Pawan Kalyan has already predicted the TDP’s defeat in the Nandyal by-election.

Speaking to the media here, MLA Roja said The reason Pawan Kalyan had not announced his support to the TDP party is because he came to know that TDP is going to be defeated .

She said that Pawan was neutral , because he doesn’t want the defeat insult falls into his account. Nandyal voters are not afraid of Chandrababu threats. The people of Nandyal are ready to teach a lesson to Naidu. Chandrababu who earlier does not want to campaign, is coming to Nandyal after the situation has changed. From tomorrow, Chandrababu will begin his murder politics.

She wanted Nandyal voters to be vigilant before the issue of law and order arise . The voices of the Nandi should be vigilant. Chanda Babu owns a hundred per cent patent for the conspiracy, said Roja.