Pawan Kalyan part of BJP conspiracy : KE Krishnamurthy

ke-krishnamurthyDeputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthy alleges of conspirators to damage the reputation of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams reputation. The BJP, YSRCP and Janasena Parties have started conspiracy politics.

K. Krishnamurthy said that during TDP reign the reputation of TTD has increased, the Telugu Ganga was brought over the Tirumala Hills, roads, power and infrastructure were improved and discipline was brought to the system. There is a good name for Tirumala at the national and international level for cleanliness.

Krishnamurthy seriously condemned the allegations made against Swamy’s jewellery. He alleged of BJP’s great conspiracy behind TTD jewellery. Jana Sena and YSRCP are the principal guides in this conspiracy.

He gave new definition to Pawan Kalyan, He said Pawan means wind.. the one who believes in the unauthentic news and does not have the power to think about it. Real Life and Reel Life is Separate. Pawan became familiar with the script that someone else wrote. People in the public domain should be responsible. Pawan’s support people like Ramana Deekshitulu who has no credibility is part of the great conspiracy. The allegations are being made only after the TDP came out from NDA, ” said KE Krishnamurthy.