Pawan Kalyan only saving factor for ‘CgR’

Considering the fact Puri’s Devudu Chesina Manusula (DCM) bombed at box office, There is a huge pressure on Puri (who is directing Pawan Kalyan’s “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu”) from Mega camp especially from Mega fans . With this effect tension surround Pawan Kalyan, he was little disturbed and asked Puri to re-check the entire footage shot till now before taking the film on to final editing table. Even, a disturbed Puri did not want to take any chances of losing his complete reputation has accepted to work with Pawan’s directions from now on. In a pressure cooker situation, Puri and Pawan are jointly monitoring the quality of shots.

Pawan Kalyan was cool from the begining of the shoot maintaining a very low profile and concentrating on his work so that the movie comes out well within a stipulated time frame. But, the result of DCM has been completely dismal with critics shunting the film for poor screenplay and lack of Puri’s trademark treatment.  This might effect on Pawan ‘CgR’ business too. The only saving factor for the film to bring opening is Pawan Kalyan’s star power.