Pawan Kalyan’s next target ?

Pawan kalyan entered they film industry in 1996 with a tag, younger brother of Chiranjeevi who ruled telugu industry for 3 decades as No:1 . Though Chiranjeevi had a huge mass following , pawan kalyan himself created a new trend with his films . His four consecutive super hits from Tholi prema to Kushi made youth go gaga over him. Be it a GAP  T-shirt used in Kushi or  be it the merchandizes used in Jhonny  or bet it the Pant over pant used in Gudumba shankar, he is the style icon in Industry.

At times he was considered as a bigger star than Chiranjeevi. But the downfall of his success graph was not just a surprise to his fans but also to the audience . The important thing is despite giving flops people never had a misconception over Pawan’s film , the euphoria and the expectations before every film was never in short. Finally Gabbar Singh bought the million worth smile on his fans faces. Now, Pawan kalyan’s next target would be to grab the position left by Chiru and in fact is he is not too far from reaching it .