Pawan Kalyan makes Film Journalist Proud

pawan-ajayPawan Kalyan is basically a Media-shy person who hardly given quite a few interviews in the two decades long film career. He never cared to promote his films in last two decades.

But the time has changed , Even Pawan Kalyan is adapting himself to the present trend and promoting his upcoming film ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ , which is gearing up for April 8 release.

Pawan Kalyan offered another interview to Ajay Brahmatmaj, Film Editor of Dainik Jagran. Since Sardar film is all set to release in Hindi, Pawan wants to make sure that the film gets some good recognition among cinegoers. However Pawan Kalyan has kept the local media waiting for their chance to interview him.

Pawan Kalyan offered a gift to Ajay ,a piece of paper which consists of the message ‘With Love’ along with his signatures in Telugu, English & Hindi.

Ajay tweeted “a selfie taken by @PawanKalyan memorable and proud moment for a film communicator.” (sic)