Pawan Kalyan maintaining silence over Nandyala byelection

rp_Pawan-Kalyan’-894784-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-1-300x200-300x200-300x200-300x200.jpgThe by-election in Nandyala is drawing all the attention due to the rapid changes in the political equations and seems like there is a tough competition between TDP and YSRCP .

On one side Minister Akhila Priya is trying to use the sentiment card in Nandyala by-election. On other hand, YSRCP president Jagan is targeting the ruling TDP on failures.

Meanwhile Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan’s silence over Nandyala byelection has become hot topic in political circles.

Sources say, Since Bhuma family was close with Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam , they also contested on PRP ticket in 2009. Bhuma Akhila Priya is likely to meet Pawan Kalyan to seek his support for her brother Bhuma Brahmanda Reddy, who is contesting on TDP ticket.

But Pawan wants to stay away from Nandyala because support Bhuma is directly supporting TDP .