Pawan Kalyan lacks political knowledge

rp_pawan-anatapur-300x192.pngAndhra Pradesh BJP leaders strongly condemned the comments made by Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan against the Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu.

BJP leader Raghunath Babu said Pawan Kalyan lacks political knowledge and it is Venkaiah Naidu who facilitated 90% grants to the state with the special package. When no one came forward during bifurcation, it is Venkaiah who took an initiative to talk about special status and now to bring 40-50k extra funds to the state. He said Pawan Kalyan should have contested in last elections itself.

BJP leader Vishnu Vardhan has welcomed Pawan Kalyan decision to contest in elections. BJP is committed to the development of AP and the center is giving funds to the state. Instead of speaking the unuseful special status, Pawan Kalyan should come forward and ask the center as what all required for the state.