Pawan Kalyan lacks clarity to achieve Special status

rp_pawan-kalyan-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224-1-300x224.jpgAfter two plus years of bifurcation, Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan wakes up and starts addressing series of public meetings over the burning issue of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh State, without any road map as how to achieve it.

Being a sensitive and emotive issue, Pawan choose to impersonate the TDP leader and also targeting the Union Ministers for not keeping their promises made to people of AP .

Pawan is still not clear as how to proceed further, his statements did not give any clarity either to his fans or public over the SCS issue.

He criticised TDP government for not putting pressure on Center for SCS and also for welcoming the special package terming it as ”stale Ladoos”.

Pawan might not be ignorant of the fact that the state needs money to run the government , if the package is not accepted , what would be the financial position of the state.

Pawan has no plan as how to take the protest to bend the center on granting special status. He completely disagreed to take the protest by calling for bandhs or Rasta Rokos. generally such agitations are the only way to show dissatisfaction.

Interestingly Pawan wants the TDP MPs to resign, But resignations cannot mount pressure on BJP government as it enjoys full majority in the parliament.

Until, Prime minister Narendra Modi makes his mind and thinks of keeping his promise, Special status to AP will be a dream and Pawan should be fighting till BJP rule lasts at center.