Pawan Kalyan knocks RTI seeking information

janasena-7785Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan who launched Joint Fact-Finding Committee(JFC) comprises of Economists, Financial experts, ex-Public servants, Academicians, scholars, Socio-Political Leaders to probe into conflicting & contradictory statements of State& Centre, has set a deadline to seek information from Center and the state governments and failed to get responses from them.

Joint Fact-Finding Committee(JFC) was formed to objectively analyse AP bifurcation act promises without any personal, political or ideological bias. But no data was given by the centre and the state governments.

JFC is now filing an RTI application seeking information on promises made & funds disbursed for projects as part of AP Reorganization Act 2014.  Answering this RTI is Central Govt.’s RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM’ 10 crores Telugu public, said Pawan.

Meanwhile, Pawan held a meeting with political leaders of Congress, CPi and CPM, retired IAS officials to announce their action plan in coming days.